Twitter: What Is It Good For?

I’m a new Twitter user.  I am following exactly 343 other users, and most of them are athletic brands (and Jimmy Fallon).  I’m guessing there are lots more users that are of interest to me, but I am not following a single other non-celebrity/actual person. twitter-evolve
 I think it will be a good place to find inspiration, keep up with fun new products and maybe, just maybe, get a clue when it comes to pop culture.  Am I on the right track?  Have I signed up for Twitter unnecessarily.  I’m not sure if anyone will follow me on Twitter that doesn’t “Like” me on Facebook.  I’m not such an ego-maniac that I think anyone wants to know my every thought or what I ate for every single meal.
What do you use Twitter for?
Do you find it to be more or less engaging that Facebook?  twitter-hashtags-for-writers-100
And while I’m quizzing you, how on Earth is Instagram such a popular app for social media?
I’m not sure when it happened, but I’ve gotten old, and am having a hard time keeping up with the technology and do-hickeys that kids are using these days.
What does Twitter do best?  How do you use it?
How can I be social on Instagram?  Can I make friends on there with people I’ve never met?
What the heck is Snapchat?Social-Media-Big-Four
What other “Sosh-mede” (sp?) do you use? Am I too old to use the term “Sosh-mede”?  What about “Totes Adorbs”?
Will you be my friend?
Please. help. me.
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