Go outside and play: 11 ways to enjoy summer and workout: CrazyFITMama.com
“Go outside and play!”
We tell our kids all the time, but do we ever take our own advice?
It’s so important for our moods, stress levels, Vitamin D intake, and general health that we spend time outdoors, but so many days, we are held captive by our cars, offices, kitchens, sofas and beds.
While I LOVE going to the gym to teach or take classes, I will take an outdoor (fun) activity anytime.
Why not take this beautiful weather as an opportunity to try a new activity?
Make it a social outing, or a family fun trip.
Below are some of my favorites and the average calorie burn per hour (calorie burn will vary from person to person).
SUP (stand up paddle-boarding): 389
Outdoor running/jogging/walking: 267-429+
playground workout: 648!!! (for an hours worth of the workout)
beach trip (walking in the sand): 326
nature walk/hike: 364
biking to nearby locations instead of driving: 243+
yard games (bocce, croquet, corn hole): 154
gardening: 332
Swimming: 373
Jumping on the trampoline: 227
Playing Frisbee: 186
(Source: ww.healthstatus.com)
Don’t forget to grill your dinner (not much of a calorie burn, but grilled foods are generally nutritious, as long as you avoid the s’mores).
While some activities are more effective than others for burning calories, any time you spend outdoors moving your body is better than indoors, and your kids will thank you for the fresh air and sunshine.
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